About Us

My name is Tiffany Hubbard, also known as “The Load Runner”. And I am the Owner of Load Runner Logistics, LLC

Load Runner Logistics, LLC is an independent Truck Dispatch company (operating under
Broker Authority) that is committed to providing efficient and effective service to owner-operators and fleet owners. 

Our main goal is to help owner-operators and trucking companies reach their maximum profits by providing safe, reliable services and getting you the highest-paying loads in the industry. 

We also operate under Broker Authority, so we get our drivers the highest paying loads and
position the trucks in the hottest markets. We use the best technology to reroute our drivers when
necessary. We provide safe, reliable service that is always on time.

We do this by using our expertise in dispatching, negotiating, and using the best technology to route your truck to the hottest markets.

We have access to several credible brokers and the highest- paying loads. Experience seamless 24/7 support for your transportation business with our dedicated team of dispatchers.

Focus on driving and growing your business, we will take care of the rest. Take your operation to new heights with Load Runner Logistics, LLC.

Astrid Hartman

Excellent tutorial, one of the best I've seen and I sorely needed this step-by-step instruction. Thank you!