Unleash Your Earning Potential!

Unleash Your Earning Potential!

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Ruth A. Flora

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Tiffany Hubbard

833-588-LOAD (5623)

My name is Tiffany Hubbard, also known as “The Load Runner”. And I am the Owner of Load Runner Logistics, LLC

Load Runner Logistics, LLC is an independent Truck Dispatch company that is committed to providing efficient and effective service to owner-operators and fleet owners. 

Our main goal is to help owner-operators and trucking companies reach their maximum profits by
providing safe, reliable services and getting you the highest-paying loads in the industry. 

Benefits of Dispatch

  • Operating Under Broker Authority
  • Grow your business and maximize profit
  • Great for owner-operators with new authority
  • Book the highest-paying loads
  • Eliminate the stress of finding loads and accepting low rates
  • Referral Program

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